Interested to participate in this initiative?

Why should you participate in this initiative?

Your participation either as monitored host or monitoring host will provide valuable data with respect to monitoring the end-to-end Internet performance in Malaysia. We are not a commercial entity, just a bunch of researchers who are interested to look into the the issue of end-to-end Internet performance in Malaysia. Since all data collected is available to the general public, the data will be valuable in term of research (refer to the research section of this website) and also to various agencies from government or private sectors. Furthermore, the data collected can help your organization as an indicator of your organization's Internet connection performance. At the end of the day, your are contributing to a good cause with minimal investment.

How to participate in this initiative?

You can participate either as monitored host (we collect data on a host in your organization) or as monitoring host (you can setup a monitoring host in your organization that monitors a list of hosts in Malaysia).
Requirements for monitored host
Requirements for monitoring host

If you need a letter to convince your top management or your organization, you can download an invitation letter as follows:
Invitation letter for monitored host
Invitation letter for monitoring host

If you need more explanation or to discuss any issue with particpating in this initiave, you can either contact Les Cottrell (SLAC), or Johari Abdullah (UNIMAS).

Downloading and Installation Procedures for PingER Software

If you want to have a look at the steps for downloading, installing and setting up the software, please visit this link.

Don't worry, if you participate in this initiave, we will assist you in the steps