Apart from the main goal of data collection and monitoring of Internet performance, another equally important goal of the PingER Malaysia initiative is to create as much research opportunity as possible, in order to solve current or existing problems, and/or improve current performance.

Research List

Research Title Intelligent Event Correlation for End-to-End Internet Performance Monitoring
Researcher/Organization Johari Abdullah (Project Leader, UNIMAS), Halikul Lenando (Member, UNIMAS), Mohamad Nazim Jambli (Member, UNIMAS), Les Cottrell (Member, SLAC), Anjum Naveed (Member, NUST)
Grant Type FRGS (Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, MOHE)
Amount RM75,000
Duration 24 months (Start May 2013)
Status Commences May 2013
Target KPI One(1) postgraduate student (Master) and Three(3) published journal/conference papers.

Research Ideas/Project

Idea Proposed by PIC1 Status
Creative visualization of PINGer data including rich interaction Bebo not assigned yet Idea stage

Development Ideas/Project

Idea Proposed by PIC1 Status
Method for synchronization of HostList in pinger.xml file for Malaysian monitoring hosts. Johari Johari Idea stage
Representing collected data in Linked Open Data Format Bebo not assigned yet Idea stage
1PIC: Person in Charge